Event Launch: 10 Years of Building Brains Evidence Synthesis
Date 6 June 2024
Location Online


In this webinar leading experts came together to share the Building Brains Evidence Synthesis, a report taking stock of Building Brains evidence gathered across 49 countries over the past 10 years. They examined and demonstrated the overall impact this innovative approach has had for children over the past decade.

What is 'Building Brains'?

Building Brains is a programming approach developed by Save the Children that equips mothers, fathers, and other caregivers with the skills and confidence to engage babies from birth to three years old, including those with disabilities and those living in adversity, in the safe, playful, and responsive interactions that are essential for healthy brains and holistic development.

Building Brains takes into account the complexity and challenges of delivering programs across sectors and in resource-constrained settings. The approach offers an evidence-based, flexible model that can be adapted to local circumstances, capacities, and needs. The event showcased the methodology and robust findings from this decade-long evidence synthesis.

Speakers also discussed how Save the Children utilized this report to shape strategies for scaling initiatives with quality, fidelity, and equity, as well as for designing climate-responsive Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programs. Conducted across 49 countries, the study reveals that the approach is comparatively affordable, effective across various delivery systems (such as health, nutrition, and education), is gender-transformative, scalable, enhances early learning, responsive care and protection, and is adaptable to different contexts.


  • Opening: Sam Sternin, Behaviour Science Advisor, Van Leer Foundation
  • Welcome to Building Brains, Sara Dang, ECCD Lead Advisor, SCUS and ELWG Working Group Co-Lead
  • Uptake and Implementation Insights, Emily Weiss, Senior Advisor, Early Learning, SCI
  • Effectiveness Results, Filipa de Castro, Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Research and Evidence, SCUS
  • Discussion, Lauren Pisani, ECCE Senior Technical Advisor, Palladium
  • Closing, Cynthia Koons, Managing Director, Early Learning and Wellbeing, SCUS