The latest Countdown to 2030 national, equity and early childhood development profiles will be launched on 14 December 2021. The webinar will explain how the profiles can be used for programming and advocacy, and how they complement the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent Health profiles.


The 4th International Developmental Pediatrics Association (IDPA) Congress will be held on December 2-5, 2021. IDPA and the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD) are jointly hosting the event, bringing together clinicians, researchers, and policymakers working for child development and disabilities from around the world. The theme for 2021 will be ‘Nurturing Children in Crisis’.


This event offers health policymakers, programme managers, emergency officers, MNCH programme implementers, health professionals, researchers, development and funding partners an opportunity to interact with Ministries of Health and implementers from 19 countries and discuss strategies to strengthen health systems and enable them to respond rapidly and build back better.


This conference will provide an opportunity to discuss ECD programs in Kenya, innovations and challenges, creating resolutions to establish a holistic/multi-sectoral approach for implementing the Nurturing Care Framework.


ECD implementers and researchers are invited to join in a discussion on translating knowledge to inform policy and practice. This webinar looks at what knowledge translation means, barriers, facilitators, and opportunities for translating knowledge to practice, and what is currently being done to address existing gaps


Following the release of a thematic brief “Nurturing care for children living in humanitarian settings”, the Arab Network for ECD (ANECD), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children, UNICEF and the World Health Organization have been working together to support dissemination of the brief and country level action to advance nurturing care for children, particularly children living in humanitarian settings. This series of workshops is being organized between October and December 2021.


This webinar probes further into the Thematic Brief ‘Tobacco control for children’s health and development’ and provides examples of​ how comprehensive smoke-free policies positively impact child health and development.


Join us for launch of the thematic brief Nurturing care for every newborn, which summarizes why nurturing care is essential for every newborn to survive and thrive. It outlines the five components of nurturing care and contains examples of practical actions to create and strengthen nurturing environments for newborns, including those who are born too soon, small or sick.


The U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan and the COVID-19 Infant Feeding Research Interest Group (CIF-RIG) are inviting interested parties to attend a webinar on infant feeding during HIV, Ebola, and COVID-19. The hosts will review recent experiences in reaction to global infectious disease impact on infant feeding practices and begin a discussion on how lessons learned might be leveraged to improve future readiness and impact.


The Nutrition subgroup of the Child Health Task Force hosted this panel discussion on lessons learnt integrating additional components of nurturing care with nutrition interventions in development and humanitarian contexts. Panelists shared experiences from multiple countries including Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, and Sudan.

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