This webinar, hosted by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, is about the relationship between household and child factors, including diet quality, consumption of animal source foods, and anthropometry, to the early development of young Nepali children.


The programme sought to STRENGTHEN commitment and technical assistance for child and adolescent health and empower young people to advocate for their rights to health and well-being; MOBILIZE and strengthen cross-sectoral partnerships and innovation for child and adolescent health research, advocacy, implementation, and financing in the next decade; and SHARE evidence-based research, disaggregated data, and emerging solutions to ensure improved health outcomes for babies, toddlers, children and adolescents.


Authors and panellists will introduce key findings and recommendations from a new four-part series published in The Lancet to advance health sector interventions for women and children in conflict settings.


Ghana was the first country to organize a national launch of the Nurturing Care Framework following the global launch alongside the World Health Assembly in 2018. A key focus since the launch has been to identify ways to contextualize the Nurturing Care Framework for Ghana. This webinar, hosted by the Early Childhood Network Ghana, provided an opportunity to take stock of what has transpired and explore emerging opportunities.


This webinar focuses on the status and solutions in promoting health and nutrition for young children in the Asia-Pacific region during and beyond the pandemic.


ISSA, in collaboration with UNICEF Serbia and the LEGO Foundation, will share how playful parenting can be used as a vehicle to create nurturing “orbits” around families while building on their strengths.


This ARNEC webinar focussed on the status and solutions involved in providing early learning opportunities for young children in the Asia-Pacific region during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.


In Madagascar on 11 December 2020, a half-day advocacy meeting was held with Ministers, representatives from the National Office of Nutrition and the Prime Minister’s office, funders and partners. The aim was to sensitize the high level stakeholders and obtain their commitment and support to finalize the multisectoral ECD strategy.


ECDAN, UNICEF, the Aga Khan Foundation and the LEGO Foundation are hosting a webinar on 9 December 2020 on the subject of nurturing care for children with development delays and disabilities.


This three-part webinar series from AfECN looks at Playful Parenting. Each webinar will be translated into English, Portuguese and French.

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