Are you organizing a multistakeholder multisectoral workshop? Do you wish to sensitize stakeholders on nurturing care for early childhood development and define priority actions? Developing an agenda that balances presentations with time to discuss, learn, and make decisions together is key.

Here you will find examples of agendas from workshops that have taken place worldwide. They range in terms of format (online, face-to-face, hybrid), duration (half day to three days), geography (single country, multi-country), audience (high-level decision—makers to technical staff). To find out more about the workshops click on “learn more”.

Burundi (FR)

3 hours including participation from First Lady, learn more

Madascar (FR)
3 hour high-level meeting, learn more

3 hour Parliamentarian’s meeting, learn more

Burundi (FR)

1.5 days technical workshop, learn more

2 days national orientation workshop

Iraq (EN, AR)
2 day national workshop, learn more

4 day national ECD prioritization workshop, learn more

Madagascar (FR)
3 day technical workshop, learn more

1 day national workshop, learn more

2 day national stakeholder forum

Northwest Syria (EN, AR)
2 day orientation workshop, learn more

United Arab Emirates
3-day national workshop, learn more

Eastern and Southern Africa

3 day regional stakeholders’ consultation with 7 countries, learn more
4-day meeting on measurement of ECD with 18 countries, learn more

West and Central Africa
3 day orientation for 9 Francophone countries, learn more

South-East Asia
3 day virtual meeting with participants from 11 countries, learn more