Nurturing care recorded presentations in Arabic
In preparation for a series of national multisectoral workshops across the Middle East in 2021, the World Health Organization and UNICEF prepared seven presentations in Arabic. The presentations address the rationale for investing in ECD, the situation for young children globally and in humanitarian settings, and demonstrate how to use the Nurturing Care Framework as a tool to support country-level decision-making and action. The workshops intended to advance attention to nurturing care for early childhood development across the Middle East and emphasized identifying actions that would enable nurturing care for children living in humanitarian settings.
The eight presentations in Arabic (listed below) can be accessed from our YouTube channel here.
• Why invest in ECD?
• From science to action: nurturing care for early childhood development
• Situation for young children and their families: globally and in humanitarian settings
• Key messages and actions
• Strategic action 1: lead and invest
• Strategic actions 2 and 3: focus on families and communities and strengthen services
• Strategic action 4: monitor progress
• Understanding the components of nurturing care

Organization: World Health Organisation, UNICEF
Year: 2021
Language: English, Arabic
Web link: