This three-part webinar series from the Africa Early Childhood Network looked at Playful Parenting. Each webinar was translated into English, Portuguese and French.

Details of the webinars

In partnership with the CSO Forum, AfECN launched the first of the four-part Playful Parenting webinar series on 25th November 2020, themed ‘The Child’s Right to Play’.

• The first-part webinar was held in partnership with UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa (ESARO) office, on 2nd December 2020, and was themed "Building systems to support the child’s Right to Play"

• The second -part webinar was held on 9th December in partnership with UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office WCARO, and was themed "Playful, Joyful Parenting at Home".

• The third-part of the series, themed ‘Learning through Play in the classroom’, was hosted in partnership with Lusophone-based ECD stakeholders, on 16th December 2020.

Videos of these three webinars can be accessed here.