This was #3 in ARNEC’s series of webinars: Young children amidst COVID-19. The webinar focused on the ability of families and caregivers to recognise changes in behaviour among young children arising from prolonged periods of home quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the appropriate coping approaches for young children, as much as for the caregivers themselves.

The key questions discussed were:

  • What changes in behaviour among young children are apparent or emerging under prolonged periods of home quarantine?
  • What practical strategies can parents and caregivers provide their young children to address adverse changes in behaviour, while also looking after their own well-being?

The speakers and topics were:

  • Professor Marc de Rosnay, University of Wollonggong, Australia
    –Impact of COVID-19 on young children’s socio-emotional development
  • Ms Thian Ai Ling and Dr Connie Lum, My First Skool (MFS), NTUC First Campus, Singapore
    –Supporting children and parents during COVID-19, the My First Skool (Singapore) Way
  • Dr Nguyen Hai Thuong Plan, International Vietnam
    –Addressing children’s stresses and fears under the COVID-19 pandemic through the efforts of Plan International Vietnam
  • Ms Nikki Reyes, ECCD Council of the Philippines
    –Supporting the needs of caregivers to create a safe home environment for young children in the time of COVID-19

The webinar was moderated by Dr Neelima Chopra, ARNEC National Representative for India.