Date: 20 January 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 11 AM (Accra, Ghana)
Duration: 120 minutes
Ghana was the first country to organize a national launch of the Nurturing Care Framework following the global launch alongside the World Health Assembly in 2018. A key focus since the launch has been to identify ways to contextualize the Nurturing Care Framework for Ghana.
This webinar, hosted by the Early Childhood Network Ghana, provided an opportunity to take stock of what has transpired and explore emerging opportunities.
Ms. Florence Ayis Quartey, Acting Director, Department of Children, Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection provided an overview of how the Republic of Ghana has contextualized the Framework thus far and how these learnings will inform revisions to the ECCD policy as well as sector specific policies and plans.
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You can watch Ms. Florence Ayis Quartey's presentation below.