4th International Developmental Paediatrics Association (IDPA) Congress
Theme: Nurturing children in crisis
Hosts: IDPA and the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD)
Language: Simultaneous discussion sessions in Arabic, English, Russian, and Spanish
Location: Virtual
Date: December 2-5, 2021

The 4th International Developmental Pediatrics Association (IDPA) Congress will be held on December 2-5, 2021. IDPA and the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD) are jointly hosting the event, which is held every two years on or around the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, December 3, in a low or middle-income country. The Congress will be a virtual event that continues the tradition of past Congresses in Istanbul (2015), Mumbai (2017), and Manila (2019), bringing together clinicians, researchers, and policymakers working for child development and disabilities from around the world.

The theme for 2021 will be 'Nurturing Children in Crisis'. The pandemic continues to affect children of all ages in all countries and affects the poorest and the most vulnerable, such as those with chronic illness or disability, the most. Millions of these vulnerable children that are already facing poverty and inequity are trapped in situations of violent conflicts, occupation, and displacement. The COVID-19 crisis and its recession have exacerbated their already dire situation, thus further violating their fundamental rights. The Congress will approach this issue within a framework that acknowledges the impact of families (particularly their mental health and wellbeing) and communities on the development of children.

Participants from around the world will share their research, model programs, and discuss their country experience. They will discuss the multilayer impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and its effect on other crises like displaced children and children in war zones. Taking advantage of the online platform, the hosts will run simultaneous discussion sessions in Arabic, English, Russian and Spanish.

The Congress hosts are inviting abstracts on research and practice related to how people have addressed the
challenges presented by the pandemic and other crises to support the development of children in low and middle-income
countries. They are hoping to receive materials from professionals across a multitude of disciplines, including pediatrics, family medicine, public health, child mental health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, child development and education, early intervention, special education, social services, and other specialists working to nurture children and their families in this time of crisis.

Call for abstracts

• You can submit your abstract and check the submission guidelines here.
• Have a look at the full scientific programme of the Congress here.

For further information see https://developmentalpediatrics.net/.