Smart Start Siaya Kenya: 4th National ECD conference
Theme: Responsive caregiving for children in diverse circumstances: Innovations and inclusivity
Location: Siaya, Kenya
Date: 25th-27th October 2021

This conference provided an opportunity to discuss ECD programs in Kenya, innovations and challenges, creating resolutions to establish a holistic/multi-sectoral approach for implementing the Nurturing Care Framework.
The objectives of the conference included:
i. Creating awareness of the need for integration of nurturing care practices into ECD service delivery;
ii. Advocating for systemic change through policy at national and county levels;
iii. Pushing for increased sustainable nurturing care investments in Kenya (considerations: demand for government to be intentional about budget allocations; for example, NHIF; young women accessing credit for their children; Linda mama; Women’s economic empowerment);
iv. Interrogating the social fabric and its impact on holistic child development (considerations: positive cultural values; intergenerational discourse on passing down morality; case studies; caregiver experiences, COVID 19 response)