This Institute of Public Health of Belgrade conference is organized bi-annually, with a long tradition of different public health topics. This year it will be dedicated to ECD and child health. The objective of the conference is to increase awareness of participants about  the importance of nurturing care, and multi-sectoral interventions starting with health, which can have wide reach and benefits to the families, particularly the most vulnerable ones.

Investment in children and their families is important to maximize their future well-being and ‘whole society’ development. The role of the health sector as an entry point will be promoted, as well as involvement and co-operation with other sectors. The organizers are expecting about 150-200 professionals will attend and participate (mainly public health workers, pediatricians, home visitors, also social workers, representatives from educational sector), as well as representatives from UNICEF, WHO, and decision makers from the Ministry of Health and City Authority.

  • The official conference program can be downloaded in English here.
  • Our case study on Serbia (Capitalizing on the health system’s strengths to build a new approach to nurturing care) can be accessed here.