WHO and UNICEF organized a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 1-2 July 2019 to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in implementing the Nurturing Care Framework in countries with a high burden of HIV, and to develop guidance to leverage existing HIV programmes and promote integration with the ECD platform.

At the workshop, participants:

• discussed and reviewed specific vulnerabilities of HIV-exposed infected and uninfected infants and children and their families.
• formally reviewed and evaluated current models and approaches that seek to support caregivers to provide nurturing care to young children, in countries with high burden of HIV.
• developed implementation considerations to support country implementation of the nurturing care framework. This accounted for specific vulnerabilities of HIV exposed infected and uninfected infants and children considering the role of health and other sectors

As a follow up to this meeting, two documents will be developed:
i) a policy brief to provide guidance to countries on why and how to implement the Nurturing Care Framework in the context of high burden of HIV
ii) an implementation considerations document to help program managers

View the concept note and agenda here.