The beginning of life

This is a documentary about the importance of loving relationships in early childhood development. It includes interviews with experts and footage with parents from across nine countries and four continents. The Bernard van Leer Foundation provides a selection of short clips from the documentary, grouped by theme, here. Excerpts transcribed in Portuguese and other languages can be accessed here.

What do children need to thrive?

This short animated video explains why children need nurturing care to thrive and how this can help South Africa achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The video was made by The Children's Institute, University of Cape Town, in collaboration with RX Radio and UNICEF. A print publication, called the Child Friendly Summary 2017 (available here) accompanies the video. You can access the video here and learn more about the South African Child Gauge here.

Nurturing care: integrating early childhood development into health systems

PATH has put together two short films – a 14-minute version and a 4-minute version – to help policymakers, donors, and governmental and non-governmental partners understand how early childhood development and nurturing care can be integrated into health service delivery. Produced with input from UNICEF and the Aga Khan Foundation, both films can be accessed here.

Key early childhood development elements for nurturing care

UNICEF Bulgaria has produced a very simple and short (ie 1 minute 35) introduction to the Nurturing Care Framework. It is available on YouTube here.

A framework for inspiration and action

On 29th June 2018 the International Step by Step Association and the Bernard van Leer Foundation co-hosted this webinar and presentation to orient stakeholders on the Nurturing Care Framework. Watch (1:11:03).