Addressing early childhood development in healthcare: Putting theory into practice
The authors provide a set of 10 theory-embedded action questions that service providers can reflect on and apply during their routine interactions with families and young children. These questions pertain to four layers outlined in the Nurturing care framework: empowering families (questions 1–7), empowering communities, supportive services (questions 8–10), and enabling policies (5 questions for trainers and policymakers). The authors provide additional questions for trainers, researchers, advocates and policymakers to reflect on so that they can ensure service providers are equipped to address the 10 questions. By utilizing these questions, the aim is to partner with children with different ‘abilities’ and their families working with children and their families where they are at and to prevent and address stigma.
Authors: Ertem I, Dogan DG, Srinivasan R, et al
Year: 2020
Language: English
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