Gindegi Goron: Results from IRC’s audio initiative to support nurturing care for early childhood development in Cox’s Bazar during the COVID-19 pandemic
This report highlights examples of the International Rescue Committee's (IRC) ECD programming during the COVID-19 pandemic, including brief summaries of programmes in Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa. The report's main focus is on Bangladesh, where IRC worked with in-country partners to support pregnant and lactating women living in Cox's Bazar refugee camps and surrounding communities with raising healthy and thriving infants.
Through a programme known as Gindegi Goron, a Rohingya phrase for developing future, the IRC delivered behaviourally-informed messages to promote healthy develpoment for pregnant and lactating mothers and their infants via phone calls (pre-recorded and live) and text messages. The research findings demonstrate behaviour change in the areas of caregiver-child play, growth monitoring and counselling, and reading to the child.

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Organization: International Rescue Committee Understory Consulting
Year: 2021
Language: English
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