This free app developed by UNICEF and national partners is designed to lend a helping hand to parents, with easy tips on topics like breast pumps, baby weaning, learning, toys, child protection and much more. Bebbo provides users with information based on studies and UNICEF’s expertise and helpful, interactive tools to help nurture and aid their child’s health and development.

The individualized mobile application is available in 14 languages and can be used both online and offline when content is pre-downloaded so it can be available when there is no internet access.

Bebbo app informs and empowers parents to be able to make opportune and right decisions regarding the care and development of their child and their own wellbeing.

The app actively encourages parents’ daily engagement in practices that support development through games, notifications, user-friendly navigation modalities and selection of the core content.

How does it work?

  1. Parents or immediate caregivers enter basic details about their child (birthdate, gender), and start receiving information relevant to their child’s age and gender.
  2. The app will prompt parents to actively record and monitor their child’s development and growth milestones. It will notify parents about upcoming vaccinations and health check-ups, with detailed information, and serve as a user-friendly repository of all records.
  3. Parents will receive customized guidance on how they can further stimulate their young child’s development, introduce a more nutritious diet, or better understand the needs and behaviours of their children.

“Since we discovered this application, which was introduced to us by the paediatrician when she paid a home visit to us, I feel confident I can care for my child in the right way. And my self-confidence kept increasing thanks to the information I access daily,”
Manjola, mother of two young children from Albania

Translation and localization

The app has been designed in a way that it can be translated and adapted for any context provided that there are national partners who can undertake the necessary steps in country. For more information contact Aleksandra Jovic:


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