Date: 04 March 2021
Time: 9:00 EST
Duration: 60 minutes

This event marked the launch of the World Bank report, Better Jobs and Brighter Futures: Investing in Childcare to Build Human Capital. The report highlights the transformative potential of investments in childcare to increase women’s employment and productivity, create new jobs, improve child outcomes, drive economic growth and support a more resilient and inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

The event was opened by Mamta Murthi, Human Development VP, and a short presentation on the report was followed by a panel discussion with World Bank Directors from Education, Social Protection and Gender, policymakers, childcare providers and other experts on the challenges with childcare worldwide and how countries can support families to access quality, affordable childcare.

The event answered 3 key questions:

• Why is childcare key for building human capital?
• What is the status of childcare provision worldwide?
• What do governments need to do to ensure families have access to quality, affordable childcare that meets their needs, especially the most vulnerable families?