Monitoring is the process of systematically collecting, analyzing and using information. It is an essential component of global initiatives, national programmes and individual efforts. That is because it guides activities and investments, which accelerate and reinforce progress. Not only does monitoring demonstrate progress, but it also identifies areas where corrective action is needed, so the desired objectives can be met.

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)
The AEDC is a national assessment to monitor children’s development. Administered every 3 years, the results assist all governments to make the most informed decisions possible about where to target programmes, especially in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. More.

Brazilian Early Childhood Friendly Municipal Index (IMAPI)
IMAPI has 31 indicators spanning the five nurturing care components. The data can be viewed by municipality enabling decisions to be taken at local levels. More.

DataDrive2030 is a South African based social enterprise that supports the collection and use of high-quality data to drive improved child outcomes in the first 6 years of life. More.

Global Scales for Early Development (GSED)
Developed by the World Health Organization, the GSED package assesses the development status of children 0–36 months of age. They are a population-based measure that can complement the ECDI2030. More.

Early Childhood Development Index 2030 (ECDI2030)
Developed by UNICEF, ECDI2030 assesses the development status of children aged 24–59 months. It is the measure used for official global monitoring and reporting of SDG indicator 4.2.1. More.

Anchor Items for the Measurement of Early Childhood Development (AIM-ECD)
Developed by the World Bank, AIM-ECD have been developed to help countries monitor early childhood development for children aged 4–6 years. The AIM-ECD caregiver report questionnaire and additional resources are publicly available in multiple languages and can be embedded in household surveys to complement existing efforts to measure child development. More.

Countdown to 2030 – Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development
The ECD country profiles are aligned with the Nurturing Care Framework and bring together data on over 40 indicators covering different dimensions of the framework. Developed by UNICEF in collaboration with the ECD Countdown to 2030 Working Group, the profiles are available for 197 countries. They are updated regularly, enabling comparisons over time, and supporting advocacy and accountability. More.