The American Academy of Pediatrics, the Kenya Paediatric Association, and the Paediatric Association of Tanzania are working together to identify and equip ECD champions to use their entry points (policy, training, practice) to promote nurturing care for early childhood development.
The publication, Pediatricians promoting ECD in Kenya and Tanzania, describes the steps taken to strengthen the capacity of paediatric societies in Kenya and Tanzania.
The publication, The pediatrician’s role in supporting nurturing care for ECD, provides a brief overview on the science of ECD, the components of nurturing care, and specific, actionable ways paediatricians can champion ECD in their clinics and communities.
In brief: what can paediatricians do?
  • Ensure children have access to good-quality health and nutrition services
  • Make health and nutrition services more supportive of nurturing care
  • Increase outreach to families and children with the greatest risk of sub-optimal development
  • Establish specialized services for families and children with developmental differences
  • Collaborate with other sectors to ensure a continuum of nurturing care
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