Promoting early childhood development globally through caregiving interventions
The supplement honors Sally Grantham-McGregor for her pioneering work in early child development. It comprises of three commentaries and twelve articles. The commentaries highlight the central role of the family in building successful pathways for young children, the unmet needs of childcare for young children throughout the world, and strategies to implement caregiving and early intervention programs at scale. The articles explore implementation of Reach Up in multiple low- and middle-income countries. The papers illustrate how Reach Up can be bundled, such as with nutrition, mental health and violence prevention interventions, and delivered through multiple platforms, including home visits, group settings, and health facility contacts and community outreach.
List of articles:
The Reach Up Parenting Program, Child Development, and Maternal Depression: A Meta-analysis
Six-Year Follow-up of Childhood Stimulation on Development of Children With and Without Anemia
A Remote Parenting Program and Parent and Staff Perspectives: A Randomized Trial
An Integrated Mother-Child Intervention on Child Development and Maternal Mental Health
Early Stimulation and Enhanced Preschool: A Randomized Trial
Comparing China REACH and the Jamaica Home Visiting Program
Implementation Quality of an Early Childhood Parenting Program in Colombia and Child Development
Adapting Reach Up and Learn in Crisis and Conflict Settings: An Exploratory Multiple Case Study
Family Violence Reduction Within a Parenting Intervention in Rwanda: A Mixed-Methods Study
The Process of Scaling Early Childhood Violence Prevention Programs in Jamaica
Integrated Early Childhood Development in Cambodia: Protocol of a Cluster Stepped-Wedge Trial
Unfolding Opportunity: Advancing Childcare to Support Children, Families, and Societies
Early Childhood Interventions: Issues to Consider in Getting to Scale

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Organization: American Academy of Pediatrics
Year: 2023
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