The principles of nurturing care promote human capital and mitigate adversities from preconception through adolescence
This paper proposes a comprehensive, multisectoral, multilevel lifecourse conceptualisation of human capital development by building on the Nurturing Care Framework (NCF). The principles of nurturing care apply across the life course, endorse equity and human rights, and promote long-term human capital. This paper presents an evidence-based argument for the extension of the NCF from preconception through adolescence (0–20 years), organised into six developmental periods: preconception/prenatal, newborn/birth, infancy/toddlerhood, preschool, middle childhood and adolescence. The proposed framework advances human capital within each developmental period by promoting resilience and adaptive developmental trajectories while mitigating negative consequences of adversities.
Authors: Maureen M Black, Jere R Behrman, Bernadette Daelmans, Elizabeth L Prado, Linda Richter, Mark Tomlinson, Angela C B Trude, Donald Wertlieb, Alice J Wuermli, Hirokazu Yoshikawa
Year: 2021
Language: English
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