Smart Digital IMCI Course
The Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) approach aims to reduce childhood mortality and improve the quality of care for major childhood illnesses, especially at first-level health facilities. Over 100 countries around the world have adopted IMCI, and thousands of healthcare professionals use it to help save lives. This online course, developed by WHO, is intended for the training of clinical nurses, clinicians and doctors managing common childhood illnesses at primary health care level. The smart digital IMCI course can be accessed online on any electronic device (computer, tablet or smart phone). The course is divided in five parts and composed of 13 modules, including 3 modules on care for the well child.
Part 1: One module on introduction to IMCI case management process
  • Introduction module

  • Part 2: One module on sick young infant from birth up to 2 months of age
  • Module 1: Care of the sick young infant

  • Part 3: Seven modules on sick child aged 2 months up to 5 years
  • Module 2: General danger signs
  • Module 3: Cough or difficult breathing
  • Module 4: Diarrhoea
  • Module 5: Fever
  • Module 6a: Malnutrition
  • Module 6b: Anaemia
  • Module 7: Ear problems

  • Part 4: One module on HIV/AIDS in sick young infant or child
  • Module 8: Children with HIV/AIDS

  • Part 5: Three modules on care for the well child
  • Module 9A: Growth monitoring and feeding
  • Module 9B: Monitoring a child’s development
  • Module 9C: Immunizations and other preventive measures

  • Author: World Health Organization
    Year: 2024
    Language: English
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