These briefs make the case for applying a nurturing care lens when addressing specific issues affecting children’s development. They outline what is already happening and what can be done better or differently at multiple levels (policy to community) to ensure families receive the support they need and children receive nurturing care.

Nurturing care for children affected by HIV

This brief makes the case that ensuring children affected by HIV survive and thrive requires applying a nurturing care lens to routine maternal, newborn and child health services, as well as, HIV prevention and care services. This brief outlines what is already happening and what can be strengthened or added to maximize the available opportunities within existing health services to change the life trajectory of young children affected by HIV for the better.

Clean, safe and secure environments

This brief summarizes some of the most important environmental health risks faced by children today and explains why infants and young children are particularly vulnerable. It aims to alert policymakers and practitioners, whether involved with childcare or environmental issues, about the importance of considering early childhood needs in policies and practices, to create environments in which young children can thrive.