WHO Guidelines on Parenting Interventions to Prevent Maltreatment and Enhance Parent–Child Relationships with Children Aged 0–17 years
Child maltreatment is a global public health problem. It can have detrimental and long-lasting effects on the development and health of children and occurs most frequently at the hands of parents and caregivers. These guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations on parenting interventions for parents and caregivers of children aged 0-17 years that are designed to reduce child maltreatment and harsh parenting, enhance the parent-child relationship, and prevent poor parent mental health and child emotional and behavioural problems. The guidelines are relevant to low-, middle- and high-income countries in all world regions. The recommendations are intended for a wide audience, including policy makers, development agencies and implementing partners, government health and social workers, and nongovernmental organizations.
Organization: World Health Organization
Year: 2023
Language: English
Web link: https://www.who.int/teams/social-determinants-of-health/violence-prevention/parenting-guidelines