A situational analysis of ECD services in Kosovo
The situational analysis presents evidence on ECD service delivery, challenges, and opportunities to support the development of a comprehensive strategy and enabling environment for the equitable expansion of quality ECD sector services in Kosovo. It examined access and coverage, quality, and equity of ECD services across three sectors taking the approach of looking at the whole child’s development and support system ages 0-6.
1. Health – examining child and maternal health and nutrition services including: antenatal and post-partum care, immunization for mothers and children, breastfeeding promotion, monitoring of child development, dietary supports for pregnant women, new mothers, and young children, and overall quality of care and application of existing ECD relevant protocols.
2. Education – examining early childhood education and care (ECEC) service delivery, including: early childhood education and care services for children ages 0<3; preschool education programs for children ages 3<5; and pre-primary for children ages 5<6. Public, private and community-based delivery of services were included in this review.
3. Social Protection – examining programming supportive to young children and families through social services and social assistance, including: broad supports (birth registration), specialized services responsive to at-risk and vulnerable family situations, including violence, child abandonment, and children with disabilities; and targeted anti-poverty initiatives, including cash and in-kind assistance, for families and children facing severe financial instability.

Organization: World Bank Group
Year: 2021
Language: English
Web link: https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstream/handle/10986/36360/A-Situational-Analysis-of-Early-Childhood-Development-ECD-Services-in-Kosovo.pdf