Starting in 2018, the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and local partners took advantage of the growing interest in strengthening support for investment in ECD as part of Peru’s public policy agenda. This case study describes how the Care for Child Development approach was used at national and local levels, specifically how it was adapted for use in Peru’s Growth and Development Check-ups Programme (CRED in Spanish). Read More →

El paquete Cuidado para el Desarollo Infantil (CDI) incorpora:
– Recomendaciones para proveedores de servicios de salud, personal de educación y aprendizaje para la primera infancia, así como proveedores de servicios comunitarios.
– Orientaciones que fortalecen las capacidades de las familias para la crianza de sus hijos en un entorno cariñoso, sensible y enriquecedor, lo mismo que soluciones a problemas comunes relacionados con el cuidado de niños pequeños.Read More →

These “Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development” are developed by UNICEF in collaboration with Countdown to 2030 Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health. The profiles are an attempt to compile, in one place, the available data for country and cross-country monitoring and to provide a baseline against which progress can be monitored.Read More →