This Thematic Brief shows how responsive feeding relies on and supports the integration of all five components of nurturing care into the feeding process. It explains what is meant by responsive feeding and how to create the enabling environments for caregivers to responsively feed their young children.Read More →

This report summarizes the findings of a multicountry study examining the impact of formula milk marketing on infant feeding decisions and practices, which was commissioned by WHO and UNICEF. The research study – the largest of its kind to date – draws on the experiences of over 8500 women and more than 300 health professionals across eight countries (Bangladesh, China, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Viet Nam). It exposes the aggressive marketing practices used by the formula milk industry, highlights the impacts on women and families, and outlines opportunities for action.Read More →

ُرش يف أواخر عام 2020 بعنوان ”الرعاية يف مرحلة التنشئة لألطفال الذين يعيشون يف أوضاع إنسانية“ )متوفر
ّقدم موجز املنارصة الذي ن
باللغات العربية واإلنجليزية واإلسبانية( إرشادات لصانعي القرار بشأن تكييف الجهود الحالية يف ضوء االحتياجات والتحديات الخاصة بأزمات
سياق محدد. بعد إصدار امللخص، تالقت الشبكة العربية للطفولة املبكرة واللجنة الدولية لإلغاثة ومنظمة إنقاذ الطفل واليونيسف ومنظمة
الصحة العاملية من أجل نرش املوجز وتعزيز العمل عىل مستوى البلدان. جرى تشكيل مجموعة عمل دولية يف أوائل عام 2021 تضم ممثلني
ً من املنظامت الخمس عىل املستويني العاملي واإلقليمي، ودعموا معا خمسة فرق عمل وطنية لتنظيم ورشات عمل مع مجموعة مختلفة من
القطاعات وأصحاب املصلحة بني أكتوبر وديسمرب 2021.
يلخص هذا التقرير مسار تنظيم ورشات العمل ويشمل تأمالت حول املسائل واألفكار املشرتكة التي ظهرت فيها، ويحدد مجموعة من التوصيات
ملواصلة تعزيز الرعاية يف مرحلة التنشئة يف هذه السياقات الخمسة وكذلك يف سياقات أخرى متأثرة بأزمات.

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The Health Systems for Early Child Development platform is a one-stop-shop for policy makers, service providers, and service planners, where they can access latest evidence-based guidance and resources on early childhood development policies and programmes that health care systems can incorporate and build on. It is also a learning community that enables discussions and knowledge exchange on building a responsive system that addresses the needs of young children and their families. Read More →

This Thematic Brief summarizes the evidence regarding the benefits of men’s engagement on outcomes for women, children, and even men themselves. It consolidates the learnings thus far regarding designing and adapting services to engage men in providing nurturing care. Finally, it recommends practical actions for policymakers and programme designers across four enabling environments: policies, services, communities and caregivers – all illustrated with case studies. It focuses particularly on what health services can do, while also covering education, social protection and other sectors. Read More →

In preparation for the virtual South-East Asia regional multisectoral meeting in April 2021, the WHO, UNICEF and partners prepared six recorded presentations in English. They address the rationale for investing in nurturing care for early childhood development, provide an overview of the Nurturing Care Framework, and dive deeper into the Strategic Actions.Read More →

UNICEF’s Community-Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling Package is used globally for infant and young child feeding counseling. This study aimed to: 1) identify and map existing nurturing care content; 2) identify gaps related to nurturing care or feeding elements; 3) identify country level nurturing care adaptations; and 4) identify best practices and lessons learned from country adaptations that can be recommended for inclusion.Read More →

This 5-minute recorded presentation provides a brief description of the Caring for the Caregiver (CFC) module. CFC aims to build front-line workers’ skills in strengths-based counselling to increase caregivers’ confidence and help them develop stress management, self-care and conflict-resolution skills to support their emotional well-being.Read More →

El paquete Cuidado para el Desarollo Infantil (CDI) incorpora:
– Recomendaciones para proveedores de servicios de salud, personal de educación y aprendizaje para la primera infancia, así como proveedores de servicios comunitarios.
– Orientaciones que fortalecen las capacidades de las familias para la crianza de sus hijos en un entorno cariñoso, sensible y enriquecedor, lo mismo que soluciones a problemas comunes relacionados con el cuidado de niños pequeños.Read More →

The free app developed by UNICEF and national partners is designed to lend a helping hand to parents, with easy tips on topics like breast pumps, baby weaning, learning, toys, child protection and much more. The app is available in 14 languages and can be used both online and offline. Read More →

هذا العرض المسجل يصف كيف يمكن أن نضمن بقاء كافة الأطفال على قيد الحياة وازدهارهم ووصولهم إلى إمكاناتهم النمائية الكاملة. ويصف مفهوم “الرعاية في مرحلة التنشئة” ويقدّم نظرة عامة على “إطار عمل الرعاية في مرحلة التنشئة”، كما يؤكد على ضرورة خلق بيئات ممكّنة للرعاية في مرحلة التنشئة، واستخدام منافذ قائمة، والتعاون ضمن القطاعات وبينها وضمن أصحاب المصلحة وبينهم.

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WATCH VIDEO Strategic action 1: Lead and invest This 15-minute recorded presentation provides an overview of “Strategic action 1. Lead and invest”. It describes the three areas in this strategic action: governance, policy and finance. Frequently asked questions, steps that have been shown to be effective and signs of progressRead More →

WATCH VIDEO Nurturing care for early childhood development – an overview This 15-minute recorded presentation introduces nurturing care for early childhood development. The presenters describe the science that informs the concept of nurturing care, present the Nurturing Care Framework, and reflect upon its implementation. This is one of a series ofRead More →