Nurturing Care for Early Childhood Development

“If we change the beginning of the story,
we change the whole story.”
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2021 Countdown Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development

The 2021 Countdown Country Profiles for Early Childhood Development have just been launched. First published in 2018 and updated annually since then, the profiles cover 197 countries and 42 ECD indicators, encompassing 99·8% of the world's children younger than 5 years. This is an important step in establishing a global monitoring and accountability framework for ECD. The profiles draw attention to progress as well as exposing significant gaps, especially in data pertaining to the youngest children and in measuring services and practices to improve nurturing care.
You can download the master database (in MS Excel format) here, and you'll find the full set of country profiles here, with translations in Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish.

Workshop series: nurturing care for children living in humanitarian settings

The Arab Network for ECD (ANECD), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Save the Children, UNICEF and the World Health Organization are working together to organize five workshops across the Middle East between October and December 2021. The workshops will explore implementation of the Nurturing Care Framework in each setting and explore what more can be done to ensure children living in humanitarian settings receive nurturing care. More.

Proceedings from the South-East Asia multsectoral meeting

The meeting report describes the presentations, discussions, and outcomes of a 3-day virtual meeting organized by the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office in collaboration with UNICEF in April 2021. The participating countries were Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste.
Read the report
View the meeting materials 

Two nurturing care webinars

Two webinars in September looked at the Thematic briefs "Nurturing care for every newborn" and "Enabling children to grow-up in a smoke-free world". They considered evidence and looked at examples of country level policy and practice. You can view the recordings and presentations here:
Nurturing care for every newborn
Enabling children to grow-up in a smoke-free world

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2-5 December 2021
4th International Developmental Paediatrics Association (IDPA) Congress
IDPA and the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development are jointly hosting this event, the theme of which is 'Nurturing Children in Crisis'.
14 December 2021
2021 Countdown to 2030 National, Equity and Early Childhood Development Profiles
This webinar will explain how the profiles can be used for programming and advocacy, and how they complement the Global Strategy for Women's, Children's and Adolescent Health profiles.

Indian Academy of Pediatrics mobilizes paediatricians to promote nurturing care

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) has more than 33,000 members across the country and is one of the largest professional associations of pediatricians in the region. In 2019, the President wrote about the important role pediatricians play in bridging science and parenting. Building on this, the IAP, working closely with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, have continued to draw attention to the important role pediatricians can play and are developing materials to support their practice.
Find out more here.

Burundi: Cultivating political will and investment

The Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, with the support of WHO, UNICEF, and the World Bank, organized two events in February 2021: i) a high-level meeting with the First Lady, Ministers, Parliamentarians, partners and funders to raise awareness and investment in ECD and ii) a technical workshop to support a common understanding of ECD across sectors and advance development of a national strategy for ECD.
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