In this TEDx Talk, Laura Peterson, founder of Hands to Hearts International, stresses how love is essential for children’s healthy brain development and can ensure children surivive and thrive. She shares three stories from her work in the USA, India and Uganda which illustrate the power of a caregivers’ love in preventing death and illness and positively shaping children’s health, growth and development. Read More →

The Reach Up Early Childhood Parenting Programme is based on the Jamaica Home Visit (JHV) intervention, designed by Sally Grantham-McGregor. The programme provides a comprehensive training package for trainers, supervisors and home visitors. It has been integrated with health, nutrition and social protection programmes in 15 countries. Read More →

This is a documentary about the importance of loving relationships in early childhood development. It includes interviews with experts and footage with parents from across nine countries and four continents. The Bernard van Leer Foundation has put together a selection of short clips from the documentary, grouped by theme.Read More →